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Electronic Starting Blocks

Complying with FINA Official Regulations (FINA Handbook / FR 2.7)

Quince electronics with high expertise in swimming timing systems developed its new starting block suitable for swimming races of International level. This new starting block is a device of high accuracy and quality which adds extra possibilities and functions in swimming pools.

Electronic False Start Checking

Quince starting blocks are equipped with high precision electronic platform for recording false start of the swimmers. The electronic part is instantly connected to Quince swimming timing computer. With this mechanism the and through swimming software we know if a swimmer left from his starting
block before start signal.

Adjustable and Removable
Track-Start Foot Rest

New starting blocks of Quince electronics have also
portable and adjustable foot rest with selection of 5
positions. The adjustment is made easy by the swimmer without the need of tools. Also the foot rest is removable without the need of tools. Its surface is also anti-slippery covered by the same material as the rest of the starting platform. The foot rest gives the proper angle which ensures the optimum start for the swimmers.