Indoor Arenas

Indoor venues are multi-purpose and usually can host basketball, volleyball, handball and futsal games. Quince has designed multi-sport electronic scoreboards and video solutions that cover all sizes of indoor venues and all levels of competition. We suggest a combination of products and services including among others alphanumerical electronic scoreboards for game needs and video LED screens for marketing issues. Electronic scoreboards display all basic game information like game time, score, player fouls, etc. and video LED screens display extra game information like statistics and video/advertisments.

Indoor Venue Categories

Our great expertise in sports timing systems and electronic scoreboards has lead us to categorize indoor venues in 3 major loose-boundary classes based on level of competition, viewing distances and seat capacity.

World-level Indoor Arenas

This is the largest type of indoor venues that host the highest level of games like World and European tournaments. Their capacity starts approximately above 9,000 seats and can reach even 20,000. The viewing distances are longer than 100 meters.


Continent-level Indoor Halls

This is maybe the most common category of indoor venues. They usually host games of national level or even European youth tournaments. Their capacity ranges from 1,000 up to 9,000 seats. The viewing distances do not exceed 100 meters.


Regional-level Indoor Halls

This is the smallest type of indoor halls or gymnasiums that usually host lower level national leagues, regional tournaments or school games. Their capacity is small and goes up to 1,000 seats and the viewing distances do not exceed 50 meters.



We connect all of our electronic systems in one real-time integrated scoreboard, timing and video solution.

Make Quince your Consultant

Our great experience from indoor arenas needs and international sport events is at your disposal to help you design and select the finest solution for your indoor venue.