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LED Screens

Colorful Video LED Systems for Sports

Quince electronics develops high quality colourful video LED screens with applications
in sports through Quince Video Sport Software.

Scoreboards with Integrated Screen

An integration of classic alphanumeric electronic scoreboards with colorful video LED screens.

οθόνη video led με ενδείξεις μπάσκετ

Video LED Screens

High quality colorful video LED screens suitable for video, images, texts, graphics, timing and scoring.


Court Perimeter Screens

Video LED screens suitable for installation around basketball courts or football stadiums with protective covering on top.


Video LED Cubes

Several sizes and types of video LED cubes for installation at the roof of indoor venues. They can display video, timing and scoring.


Advertisement LED Totems

Special designed double-sided LED totems for advertisement pursposes. Produced in several sizes and resolution.