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Web Live Streaming

When there is no possibility of TV production, Live Streaming is the optimum solution to broadcast a Sport Event via Web with good quality and relevant lower cost. Quince electronics with great expertise in technological issues regarding Sports has proceeded in the establishment of its new Web Live Streaming sector.


Our equipment is suitable for high quality coverage, from simple production with one camera to premium edition with 3+2 cameras. Video signal encoding is implemented for transmission to Internet platforms (Quince website, customer’s website, YouTube, etc.). Including broadcast cameras, with HDSDI output, encoding and data transmission devices, switchers, etc.


Our Web Live Streaming team consists of highly experienced TV director and cameramen with long year activity in Sports. Moreover, our cameramen have been Awarded in International TV and cinema festivals. Our new staff has been embodied successfully with our rest experts of timing system manufacturing and statistics services creating a very strong team.

Integration with Timing, Statistics and TV Graphics

Our new Web Live Streaming services have been integrated with our Timing, Statistics and TV Graphics systems so to deliver a fine result similar with classic TV broadcasting.