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About Us

Delivering advanced technological products

Whenever precision matters most and professionalism is required we offer high quality and reliable electronic applications. Either it is a European basketball championship that requires reliable timing systems, a railway station where vast quantity of information must be displayed on real time for thousands of passengers or an industrial workspace where information from ERP systems must be handled and displayed to workers on real time, Quince electronics provides sophisticated solutions that ensure reliability and comply with International standards.

Quince has specialized scientific and technical personnel that study, design, manufacture and support its products. People in Quince electronics are carrying expertise and know-how of 30 years with many applications in International sports events. Inspired by the principles of Total Quality Management, work with passion on new projects for delivering improved products and services to its customers and end-users. All products of Quince electronics are certified with ISO9001:2015, CE and RoHS.



Sports timing systems, our flagship products, have significant applications in World and European sport events. Quince sports timing systems cover a wide range of sports and all levels of competition. Quince timing systems comply with the official regulations of International Sport Federations.


Quince electronics manufactures industrial control systems with applications in production lines of large factories. Quince control systems are connected with ERP systems displaying valuable information for managers and workers on real time, distribute loading and delivery from warehouses, etc.


Quince electronics manufactures high quality passenger information systems (PIS) with software, LED screens, arrival/departure boards, etc. Quince PIS can find applications in passenger stations like airports, railway stations, bus stops, etc. and on transportation vehicles like trains, buses, ships, etc.


Quince electronics manufactures public information systems with LED displays, info kiosks, software and web platforms. Quince public information systems find applications in urban places, municipalities, hospitals, gas stations, advertisement spots, parking lots, businesses and public organizations.


Quince electronics manufactures electronic signs for traffic management like Toll Fare Indicators (TFI), Variable Speed Limit Signs (VSLS), Variable Message Signs (VMS) and Lane Control Signs (LCS) and pictograms. Quince traffic management systems comply with International Traffic Standards.


Quince electronics develops software and web solutions for many business and commercial fields. Quince software suites vary from stand-alone applications to integrated cloud solutions. Quince also develops custom-made software programs based on customers requirements.