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Swimming Arenas

Timing Systems, Scoreboard and Video Solutions

Quince electronics creates accurate timing systems for swimming according to requirements of Automatic Officiating Equipment of FINA. Swimming timing system is integrated and consists of a swimming timing computer, electronic touch panels, electronic starting blocks, audio starting system, scoreboards, etc.

Apart from swimming timing systems, Quince is manufacturing electronic scoreboards and shot clocks for waterpolo, judging/display system for artistic swimming and diving. All equipment is made by high quality materials suitable for use in swimming pools.

Swimming Timing Computer

A highly sophisticated timing device for swimming based on  the latest technology.


Swimming Electronic Touch Panels

High quality instruments for  ensuring accurate times of swimmers.


Electronic Starting

Made by durable materials, with false start detection and ergonomic design for swimmers.


Swimming Electronic Scoreboards

Complete range of swimming electronic scoreboards covering all types of swimming pools.


Water Polo Electronic Scoreboards

Complete range of waterpolo electronic scoreboards covering all levels of competition.


Water Polo 30-sec Electronic Shot Clocks

Shot clocks for waterpolo with low voltage for placement next to the swimming pool.


Video LED Screens

Wide range of video LED screens suitable for swimming pool harsh environment.


System Architecture

Below you will find drawings with the architecture of timing and scoreboard systems for aqua sports.

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