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Water Polo Scoreboard and Timing Systems

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Quince electronics has developed a high quality integrated water polo timing system including
water polo software, control devices, 30-sec electronic shot clocks and electronic scoreboards or
LED screens. Quince water polo system operates according to International regulations.

Water Polo Electronic Scoreboards

Complete range of waterpolo electronic scoreboards suitable for all types of swimming pools.


30-sec Electronic Shot Clocks

Complete range of waterpolo 30-sec electronic shot clocks with low voltage suitable for installation next to the swimming pool.


Colorful Video LED Screens

High quality video LED displays suitable for use in swimming pool environment and accompanied by video sports software.


Portable Electronic Scoreboards with Trolley Base

Quince electronics is providing waterpolo electronic scoreboards together with trolley base for easy transportation and installation before the game.


Quince water polo timing systems are operating at the highest level of precision ensuring the reliability of the game.


Water polo scoreboards are manufactured to be absolute waterproof for the special environment conditions of swimming pools.


Quince water polo software and all system connections are designed to be user-friendly and easy to install.