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Basketball Scoreboards Systems

System’s Layout

Quince basketball electronic scoreboards systems are integrated solutions suitable for all types of indoor venues. They cover all needs of timing, scoreboard, consoles, software and video display. Quince indoor venue systems consist of the following items:


Quince performs all necessary actions for complete delivery and installation of its products. Installation can be done either by our personnel or by external partners with our supervision.


Quince ensures technical
support either directly or through its worldwide partners.
Its Technical Dpt. ensures
support about operation and malfunctions issues.


Quince products are covered by warranty of minimum 3 years against defects in all materials, design and workmanship. We also guarantee spare parts availability of at least 15 years.


All Quince products are certified with CE and RoHS and comply with European Standards. Quince is applying quality management system according to ISO9001:2015.

Product Categories

Quince electronics manufactures basketball electronic scoreboards of high quality and performance. They ensure high time precision and legibility from long distances and they are designed according to International regulations.

Professional Electronic Scoreboards

High quality basketball electronic scoreboards
for all types of indoor arenas and levels of competition.


Full Color Video
LED Screens

Complete range of colorful video LED screens with basketball software showing time, score, live video display and advertisements.


24-sec Electronic
Shot Clocks

Time accurate 24-sec shot clock devices for basketball games, from 4-sided models to small portable ones.


Portable/Desktop Electronic Scoreboards

Light weight portable electronic scoreboards for training usage, school games, outdoor 3×3 courts and regional level of games.


Extra Electronic Equipment and Control Consoles

Complete set of all necessary peripheral electronic devices for basketball games like locker rooms chronometers.


Software and Protocol Solutions

Advanced software solutions including scoreboards control through Leagues unified communication protocols.



Explore our wide range of projects in basketball arenas for the highest level of competition.

Indoor Hall of Al Dhaid Sports Club, Dubai, UAE

Supply and installation of electronic scoreboard QN1323 and 24-sec shot clocks QN1613 for international level of games.

Peristeri Indoor Hall,
Peristeri BC, Greece

Extension of the present electronic scoreboard system with the addition of player surnames
for FIBA BCL needs.

OAKA Athens Olympic Indoor Arena, Panathinaikos BC, Greece

Supply and installation of basketball timing equipment and software for integration and compliance with Euroleague competition.

Our Clients

Many basketball clubs and indoor arenas have selected Quince basketball electronic scoreboards for the highest level of games like World, European and National Championships.

Panathinaikos BC


Peristeri BC