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Swimming Timing Computer

Quince electronics has developed its new generation electronic timing computer  suitable for aqua sports, a highly sophisticated and accurate timing device manufactured by applying the latest technology. Timing computer is the central unit of swimming timing system, measuring time and collecting all signals around the pool, transmitting them in the laptop-PC for necessary calculations.

Time Precision

Achieves high time precision and performance based on crystal oscillator with tight frequency stability (±0.05 ppm) over 0°C – 50°C and exceptional long-term ageing features (10 years: ± 3 ppm).

Suitable for Official Games

Supports up to 20 touch panels, 20 starting platforms and 60 judge buttons simultaneously (10 sets per swimming pool side) for timekeeping on both sides of the swimming pool.


Swimming timing computer is designed to operate with Windows OS. It is operating together with laptop-PC having installed swimming software suite, thermal printer for the results, starting system, TV monitor for previewing (optionally), carrying case, etc.


Timing computer is connected with converters, electronic touch panels, electronic starting platforms, judge buttons, audio system, chronometers, scoreboards and colorful video LED screens.