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Electronic Touch Panels

Complying with FINA Automatic Officiating Equipment requirements (FINA Handbook / FR 4.4)

Quince electronics manufactures high quality electronic touch panels for swimming races. Quince touch panels, one of the most important part of swimming timing system, ensure reliable and accurate results.

Touch Panel Sensitivity

Quince touch panels are designed to operate accurate and with the proper sensitivity. They are not activated by water turbulence and activated by a light hand touch (forces between 2.5 and 3 Kg). Quince electronic touch panels have 4 sensors, three of them are behind the surface of the touch panel and the fourth of them is on the upper edge. The panels become sensitive, as FINA rules indicate, on the top edge with the fourth extra switch.

Anti-Slippery Surface

The surface of Quince touch panels is absolute non-slippery succeeding excellent grip for swimmers. It consists of PVC lamellas which have been designed in special injection molding machine developed by Quince electronics. Each PVC lamella has vertical channels and hundreds of small horizontal lines creating an absolute anti-slippery surface. Also each PVC lamella has sufficient number of small holes allowing the water to flow through the touch panel.

Transportation with Caddy

Caddy for touch panels allows their easy and safe transportation. Each trolley fits up to ten touch panels. It is made by high grade stainless steel 316. It has four swivel wheels for easy movement inside
swimming arena. Also, there is support system for safe movement when touch panels are stored in
trolley. Each trolley is accompanied by protective covering.


Quince touch panels are designed to be installed easily. They have small holes at upper side which allows to secure the touch pads either on the concrete (if there is 30 cm cement block at the end wall of the swimming pool) or on turning boards (when the water level is same with the concrete of the end wall). The connection with the timing system is made through spiral cable with connector.