Swimming Timing Systems

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Swimming timing system of Quince electronics is a high precise timing system suitable for International swimming races. It is designed and operates according to FINA regulations. It has been selected by Swimming Federations, Olympic size swimming pools and has been used successfully in international and national games.

Swimming Timing Computer

A highly sophisticated timing device for swimming races, manufactured by applying the latest technology.


Starting Audio System

Connected to swimming timing computer, the starting audio system gives accurate and instant race start.


Electronic Touch Panels

High quality electronic touch panels for swimming races ensuring reliable and
accurate results.


Electronic Starting Blocks

This new starting block is a device of high accuracy and quality which adds extra possibilities and functions in swimming pools.


Swimming Lane Converter

Waterproof devices installed at each lane so to collect the signals from electronic touch panels, starting blocks and judge buttons.


Arrival Judge Buttons

Waterproof buttons connected to swimming lane converters. They ensure reliable results for judges. 


Electronic Scoreboards

Swimming electronic scoreboards are connected with swimming timing computer. They ensure time precision and legibility.


Colorful Video LED Screens

High quality video LED displays suitable for use in swimming pool environment and accompanied by video sports software.


Swimming timing computer achieves high time precision and performance based on crystal oscillator with tight frequency stability over 0°C – 50°C and exceptional long-term ageing features. It has test operation for all connected equipment (touch panels, starting platforms and judge buttons).


Quince swimming timing system is an integrated system. It consists of the timing computer, laptop with swimming software, thermal printer, starting audio system, electronic touch panels, and electronic starting blocks, judge buttons, converters and electronic scoreboards or LED screens.


All portable parts like electronic touch pads can be installed and uninstalled easily. Carrying cases help operators to transfer and protect the equipment like judge buttons. All connections around the swimming pool are simple with minimum number of cables ensuring stable connection between devices.

Our Clients

Many swimming federations and swimming arenas have selected Quince swimming timing systems

Kosovo Swimming Federation

Albanian Swimming Federation