Basketball Electronic Scoreboards

Explore our wide range of electronic scoreboards.

Quince electronics, with great expertise on the need of basketball games, international tournaments and indoor arenas, has designed its two Series of electronic scoreboards (QN12xx and QN13xx) and covers all types of basketball indoor halls and all levels of competition.

QN12xx Series

31 cm maximum digit height

QN12xx series includes all electronic scoreboard models suitable for the highest level of basketball games like Olympic Games, World and European Championships. The maximum size of digits and complete game indications cover legibility issues for the largest arenas in the world.


QN13xx Series

26 cm maximum digit height

QN13xx series includes electronic scoreboards suitable for level 2 basketball games like Youth Tournaments, National Leagues and Regional Level. Electronic scoreboards of QN13xx series have similar indications with QN12xx series but with slight smaller digits suitable for medium and smaller indoor halls.